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Welcome to The Shimmy Shop, your new favorite WebShop !

Together with the expertise of our designer, we worked on bringing the best costume collection for BellyDance professionnals and hobbyists. Our designs are made to bring out your inner glam while providing confort in a sturdy and easy to put on costume. Because we care, all our models are affordable and can be customised to your taste and size...ONLY THE SKY IS THE LIMIT ! We offer 3 options : -Option 1 prices from 200 Eur to 250 Eur : select one of our designs, feel free to alter color by checking our fabric catalogue or add some details : bult-in shorts, criss-cross straps, name it ! Check out our SHOP. -Option 2 price 175 Eur : shop till you drop ! Select or create a simple design for your group, and order 2 or more identical costumes. Check out our SHOP or send us an email. -Option 3 price 275 Eur : get inspired by our fabric catalogue, send us any picture and create our own unique dream costume. Send us an email.

Random Costumes

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